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Club Information

The purpose of the Ohio Two Cylinder Club is to promote the interest in the preservation, restoration, and exhibition of antique tractors, particularly John Deere two cylinder models including machinery, lore, and literature.

If you would like to become a member, fill out a form online or print one out and mail it in.

Club Officers
Office Name

Email (Revised 3-10-2009, See Note Below)

President Shaun Pickering pres @ ohiotwocylinderclub.org
Vice President Dave Howman vpres @ ohiotwocylinderclub.org
Treasurer Mike Smith treas @ ohiotwocylinderclub.org
Secretary Joe Slater sec @ ohiotwocylinderclub.org
Newsletter Vicki Slater news @ ohiotwocylinderclub.org

In an effort to combat SPAM, which has become the greatest nuisance of the internet, the actual email addresses have changed and they are no longer linked (to automatically launch your email client.)  To send any of the above officers email, simply combine the last two columns.

Example:   Bogus@ohiotwocylinderclub.org   Spammers, go ahead and use this one!!


If you are a member you can receive the newsletter by email.  Click here to fill out the form.

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